Colocation and virtual data center
- without any commitment

1,200 m2 Danish-owned data center in Greater Copenhagen

  • Free setup on all solutions
  • Setup within 24 hours
  • Flexible solutions from 1U to dedicated data hall
  • Carrier neutral
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Phone: +45 88 449 449

Environmentally conscious and flexible hosting,
without any commitment!

We don't believe in binding customers to long-term contracts of 12, 24, or 36 months - at Adeo Datacenter, you have no commitment.

Complete Danish infrastructure with connections to the world

Pioneers in infrastructure and green hosting solutions!

We create hosting solutions that support your business - for us, your business is our livelihood, and we want you to thrive.
That's why we're not just a supplier, but a sparring partner.

As a provider of data center services, we have a responsibility to deliver the most reliable infrastructure that can support your online business.
We achieve this by investing in redundancy throughout our data center, from pump systems to emergency power generators.
In addition, we have 24/7 staffing that monitors the entire data center's operation and takes action in case of any deviation.

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Mikkel Emmerik


Mikkel Emmerik i datacentret


years of experience

Reliable, Green energy & 0 commitment

We offer housing for your IT project, whether you need 1 Cloud VPS, Storage, Backup, or Colocation

Adeo Datacenter is in the world to provide better and more affordable colocation than the giants in the market, of course, without compromising uptime or service.

We offer a wide range of products, including everything from 1u, 1/4 rack cabinets, all the way up to single or multiple full rack cabinets. And if your company needs a dedicated data hall, this can also be provided.


Your company's servers are safely located in Adeo Datacenter's redundant data center

Security and Scalability

Your business can safely grow within our infrastructure, and we have expansion opportunities.

Good Network

The data center's network is redundant with connections to multiple providers worldwide.

Green Data Center

We strive to be a green data center and not negatively impact the environment.


If you prefer a physical meeting, you are very welcome at our office, which is located adjacent to the data center.

Call and schedule a meeting with us today!

Request a Quote

It's free to request a quote, and we can almost guarantee that we can offer a sharper price than our competitors.


Years of experience in data centers and hosting

We take customer satisfaction seriously!

Morten Linder
Morten Linder


Data center in Denmark with better conditions

Denmark's most flexible data center with great connections!

Adeo Datacenter is a well-established data center today, where we focus on providing the right solution at a lower price than our competitors. We do this by continuously investing in newer infrastructure, ensuring that we are always attractive to new customers while maintaining our SLA to the letter.

Herstedvang 8, 2620 Albertslund, Danmark
We're not the typical data center with delivery times of 8-12 weeks, we move fast and can typically deliver within 24 hours of a signed contract. For special solutions, delivery time may depend on equipment delivery.
0 commitment, period. We don't believe that a partnership should be maintained solely based on a contract; that's why we've chosen not to have any commitment.
We can provide almost anything. Being carrier neutral, you also have the option to bring your own internet lines, or you can use ours. You are always welcome to contact us for a special solution.