About Adeo Datacenter

We own and operate a highly professional data center with associated services. Our employees are nerds and committed to creating the best solutions for our customers.

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Happy customers

Danish data center with a focus on security and redundancy

Pioneers in infrastructure and green hosting solutions!

We create hosting solutions that support your business - for us, your business is our livelihood, and we want it to thrive. That's why we are not just a supplier but a collaborative partner.

Adeo Datacenter is very down to earth, and we always strive to help wherever we can.
We love delving into customer solutions and helping them improve or create even better solutions.

As individuals, we are very down to earth. Of course, we are deeply serious when the need arises, but otherwise, the office atmosphere includes a good dose of humor (some might say bad humor), and we are always ready to help.

  • Skilled and qualified employees
  • Redundancy from top to bottom
  • Emergency power system
  • Diesel generator
  • Active cooling
  • Good peering agreements
  • No binding on agreements
  • Fast delivery (24 hours)
  • Emergency phone 24/7-365
  • Only happy customers!

Datacenter in Albertslund

Adeo Datacenter is much more than just a data center!

Adeo Datacenter ApS has been offering colocation, server housing, dedicated machines, and high-quality virtual environments since early 2016.
Adeo Datacenter began its journey by creating our very own state-of-the-art data center in Albertslund, and since then, more data halls have been added, and we continue to expand.

Today, Adeo Datacenter is among the most recognized Danish data centers due to our approach to customers.
We believe that there should be no binding on agreements. If a customer does not find our service satisfactory, there should be an option to terminate the partnership without financial consequences.
This also means that we constantly keep our team of skilled employees sharp, so that customers do not want to leave us.

Our values
We believe that one goes farthest with honesty, kindness, and a bit of nerdiness.
With truth and open communication, we believe one goes the furthest.

We acknowledge that we cannot avoid mistakes, and we are honest about them when they occur.
We also ensure that we don't make the same mistake twice.

Finally, Adeo Datacenter advocates neutrality, both in terms of hardware choice and the software platform you want to use.
We don't tell you to use one internet provider or another; instead, we give you the opportunity to use what suits your business best.


If you have questions for Adeo Datacenter ApS please don't hesitate to contact us at +45 88 449 449

We are happy to have an informal discussion about your needs and how we can help your business.