Do you want access to our infrastructure with top-of-the-line server equipment, and the ability to scale up and down as needed?
Then our virtual servers are the solution for you.

Scalable and reliable

Virtual server environment for scalable applications

A VPS, also known as a Virtual Private Server, is for you if you want servers without having to worry about hardware. In short, you are allocated resources in our virtual environment, which gives you access to have virtual machines on our infrastructure, where we can easily scale the solution for you. This means you don't have to buy new equipment when your business grows.

For many years, Adeo Datacenter has provided virtual servers to our customers, including both small projects with only a few virtual servers and large projects with many virtual servers, VLANs, and load balancers. What all these projects have in common, whether they are small or large, is that we make them scalable and reliable.

We have many years of experience in hosting virtual servers, and we are also happy to help you and your company.
We employ experts who are highly competent in designing virtual server environments, and we can assist you in designing an environment that suits your needs.

With a virtual environment, you don't have to worry about

  • Hardware replacement
  • Redundancy if a server goes down
  • Access control
  • Scalability
  • Cooling
  • Power
  • Unforeseen expenses


Reliable, Green energy & 0 commitment

We offer virtual environments that are scalable, reliable, and with backup features!

Adeo Datacenter was established to deliver both better and more affordable virtual servers and environments than the giants in the market, without compromising uptime or service.

We own our data center and don't lease space like others, which gives us full control over everything that happens in the data center, ensuring high quality across the board.


Your company's servers are safely located in Adeo Datacenter's redundant data center

Security and Scalability

Your business can safely grow within our infrastructure, and we have expansion opportunities.

Good Network

The data center's network is redundant with connections to multiple providers worldwide.

Green Data Center

We strive to be a green data center and not negatively impact the environment.

Sleep soundly at night

Outsource infrastructure & hardware

We take care of all infrastructure and hardware, so even if a disk, ram module, or power supply fails, you can be sure that our team of technicians is already working on fixing it, even at 3 in the morning.

Our technicians are trained in replacement strategy, which, in short, means that we replace equipment with new ones before they start to have problems.
This allows us to guarantee much higher uptime than many of our competitors.


Discover Virtual Hosting with
Kickass performance &
no commitment!

At Adeo Datacenter, we don't bind our customers to long contracts. Instead, we believe that by providing kickass solutions at a better price, we achieve happier customers who will stay with us!

  • Quick setup (24 hours)
  • Good peering agreements
  • Redundancy from top to bottom
  • Dedicated employees
  • Kickass performance

Please describe in detail what you need so we can estimate a more precise price. For example, 20 vCPU cores, 40 GB RAM, and 4 TB SSD.
You are also welcome to give us a call at +45 88 449 449

Request a Quote

It's free to request a quote, and we can almost guarantee that we can offer a sharper price than our competitors.